Saturday, May 26, 2012

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a life changing auto-immune disease.  If you have ever met someone suffering from MS you know what I mean, and it's even worse if they are in an active flare-up.  To start with I'd like to share a video.  It starts with a doctor talking about the science part of how essential oils help with MS.  If you start watching and the science stuff is just too much, you can skip to the end where there are testimonials about using essential oils for MS.  Both people who speak at the end have been wheel chair bound or bed ridden for great lengths of time, and are now able to carry out normal lives.
Here is a link to the video

This is directly from the site, I recommend visiting their website for more information on MS and how essential oils can help.  I cannot stress enough, starting with the Life Long Vitality Supplement pack.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Essential oils based products: Life Long Vitality supplements
Also consider: Balance, cypress, Elevation, geranium, rosemary, oregano, thyme
Suggested protocol:
Daily to reduce symptoms:
·   The Life Long Vitality supplements are a must.
·    Morning: Topically apply peppermint to the bottoms of the feet, take internally, and diffuse.
·    During the day add 1-3 drops of lemon to each glass of water.  (drink lots of water)
·    Evening:  Topically apply frankincense to the bottoms of the feet, take internally, and diffuse.
Other protocols (Listen to your body, it will tell you what you need).  Consider the following for their benefits:
·   If a flare up or an exacerbation occurs layer (topically apply one oil after another with 1 to 5 minutes between) peppermint and frankincense on the bottoms of the feet and/or the affected area.
·   If choking put 2-3 drops of frankincense in a shot glass half full of water and swallow slowly.
·   If discouraged diffuse Citrus Bliss or other uplifting oils.(Wild Orange, Serenity, Elevation)
·   To prevent picking up a infectious disease (that might trigger an exacerbation) diffuse OnGuard or Purify regularly.  Also use OnGuard hand wipes if necessary.
Also consider these oils in supplemental ways:
·    Helichrysum – strong regenerative properties for nerve tissue
·    Sandalwood – similar properties as frankincense (antibacterial, antiviral, soothing)
·    Clove – one of the strongest agents to kill pathogens
Another suggested protocol:
MS recipe:
·    10 drops helichrysum
·    10 drops frankincense
·    10 drops sandalwood
·    5 drops basil
·    Peppermint
Use frankincense daily; drop 2-3 drops under the tongue 4 times a day for two weeks. Rest one week and repeat.
Diffuse daily with Lotus diffuser, using MS recipe above and alternate with frankincense and wild orange.
Topical: 1-3 drops of the MS recipe on brain reflexology points, the forehead, temples and mastoids (just behind the ears) and massage 6-8 drops of diluted oil from the base of the skull down the spine. Put a few drops of oil on a loofah sponge and rub along the spine vigorously.
Do the Aroma Touch Technique twice a week. (If you live in the Tucson area please contact me about Aroma Touch)
Do the GX Assist and the PB Assist in a protocol of 10 days GX, 5 days PB, wait 10 days and repeat, wait 10 days and repeat. Wait two months and repeat again. This is a cleanse specifically designed for auto immune disease
NOTE: Never use hot packs for neurological problems. Always use cold packs to reduce pain and inflammation.
Use Balance, Serenity and Elevation for added emotional support.
Other oils: Wintergreen, Birch, Cypress, Oregano, Thyme
Final suggestion that meets long term goals for wellness will be the Life Long Vitality supplements.

If you are concerned about having support from your Doctor here are a few medical studies you can print off and take to your next visit.
Biological Effects of EO
Biological Properties of EO
The effects of Farensol - this may not deal directly with MS, however it is an impressive study.
Effects of Aromatherapy - again, may be pertinent for MS specifically, but an impressive study

please contact me with further questions 520-891-7291, or e-mail

I'd like to finish with a short music video by David Osmond.  That's right THAT David Osmond, son of Donny Osmond.  He suffers from MS and was also wheelchair bound.  He is a user of DoTerra products 

and lives as close to a normal life as someone dealing with this auto-immune disease can.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Successful Week!

This week I was able to teach a few EO classes, and the topic was Medicine Cabinet Makeover.  In this class I go over items that are typically in a home medicine cabinet, and show what essential oils would replace each item.  The classes were very successful! 

I have one friend with chronic back pain and piriformis sciatica.  As part of her order she purchased Deep Blue.  This is a FANTASTIC blend that helps relieve pain.  It  is also the blend that I use for my migraines.  She told me today that is is also working for some tendon pain in her knee.

During one of my classes, a lady had a baby that was very colicy.  I grabbed my bottle of peppermint massage oil and showed her how to rub it on the babies belly.  Within about two minutes the baby was calm and happy. ( I have used this combo SO many times over the past 8 months, and it is now one of the things I give in baby gifts). 

Very excited that Today's Utopia is going to be adding DoTerra to their website.  Today's Utopia is located here in Sahuarita and run by a couple of SAHM's.  Their thing is all natural products that help improve family life.

I'm also very excited to see how Melissa EO works for my friends son who is dealing with ADHD.  You can watch her vlog on you tube, which I have link on the right side of the page.

I LOVE sharing essential oils with people, and it brings me so much joy when they are able to replace a synthetic medication with something natural!  Please feel free to e-mail with any questions, or you can comment below!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've been on the hunt for an ADHD blend and I have found a number of blends that really help ADHD, and ADD.    The first is a blend called Serenity (here's a video from someone dealing with ADHD), created by DoTerra.  The second is a blend called Peaceful Child, you make this blend up yourself using DoTerra's CPTG essential oils.   Here is a short video about the Peaceful Child blend, created by the woman who came up with the formula.  It includes an oil called Vetiver which is one of the most beneficial oils for calming an ADHD child.  It also has Frankincense, which of course I love enough to name my webpage page after!

One of the most effective oils for ADHD that I have found in my research is called MelissaHere is a link to some information about Melissa essntial oil.  After all the reasearch I have done I am SO impressed by the effects of Melissa E. Oil.   This is the oil we selected for use one of our littlle friends, because it also helps with a number of his other symptoms, such as mouth sores, bladders spasms, and sleeplessness.

The moral of the story is that there are a number of options in treating your ADD/ADHD child with essential oils.  The first step, and probably the most curcial is making a diet change.    Cut out sugars and Dyes as much as possible, many people have success cutting out allergens such as gluten, dairy, and eggs.   The best way to make the choice about essential oils is to consider any other health issues they may be having.  Odds are they are all related in some way.  If you have any questions are would like help determining the best blend for your child please send me an e-mail at, or you can call 520-891-7291.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Additional Class Slot

There is so much interest in my next class, however many of you have deployed spouses or husbands that work nights.  I've decided to hold a second class on May 15 at 11 am.  This class only has 5 spaces available due to the fact that children will be allowed to attend.    Please only bring your children if your husband is working nights or is deployed.    If you would like to attend this class please e-mail or comment.  I will still have the same give-away for attendance at the class, a bottle of Wild Orange essential oil.  Follow the link for information on the benefits of Wild Orange

Monday, May 7, 2012

Free Stuff at the next class!

The next class will be held Friday, May 18 at 7:30.  Space for this class is limited.  I will be giving away a free bottle of  Wild Orange essential oil.  I think this is my favorite oil for smell.  It smells SOO good!  Wild Orange has several uses, but one of my favorites is for relief of DEPRESSION.  Prescription drug us is the BIGGEST drug problem we have in the United Staes right now.  I wish I had written my source down, but I read somewhere the other day that CHILDREN around kindergarten age are the largest growing age group being prescribed anti-depressents.  THAT SO DEPRESSING!! 

Anyway, space for this class is limited to 10 people, and you have to attend the class to get recieve the free bottle of oil.  Don't worry, if you aren't one of the first ten to confirm, I will be holding another class soon. 

The subject for the class on the 18th will either be Making Over Your Medicine Cabinet, OR  Natural Cleaning with DoTerra essential oils.  Which one would you be more interested in?

For those of you interested in HOSTING a class, you can earn a free Spa Mist Diffuser (a $50 value) for free!!  If you don't live near me, don't worry- we can do a class via skype!!

e-mail if you are interested in attending one of my classes
or you can call 520-891-7291

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Class Time!!

I am no longer a single-ish mom.  My DSH is FINALLY home from a VERY long deployment.  Not only is this good news for me, but it's good for you too!  I'm ready to start teaching classes DoTerra Essential Oil Classes.  I can even teach a class via SKYPE.  During the month of April, if you host a class where there are at least 4 people in attendance I will give you a bottle of certified pure therapeutic grade Lemon Essential Oil.  Lemon is a fantastic oil not only for it's health benefits, but you can also use it for cooking.  I like to use it in my smoothies, salsa, tomato-salad, etc.    Click the link to find out more about CPTG  Lemon Essential Oil . If you have any questions please leave a comment, or e-mail

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